Since 2011, the Giraf project’s source code has been handed down to 3rd year students of Software Engineering at Aalborg University for them to continue development over the course of one semester. The work is part-time, with the other half made up of ordinary courses. The number of students involved has varied from 16 to 60, who will be organised into smaller groups of 3 to 6 people.

At the start of the semester, developers will be entirely unfamiliar with the code base, leads to a greater-than-average emphasis on reading and writing documentation.

For Developers

The applications were rebuilt in Flutter in 2019, and right now only the Weekplanner application exists.

The WeekPlanner app is ready to download from any Android or iOS device. The users in the production database at the end of 2020 include the citizen Gunnar, the guardian Graatand and the administrator Lee. They all have the password password which obviously needs to be changed before the system is put to use.

Documentation can be found at the Wiki( as well as a series at screencasts(2018) available at the Archivists Club Vimeo account. Additionally, the current API endpoints can be found and called from (Production, see wiki for more information)

It is recommended to read the Getting Started section of the wiki for new developers.

The source code itself is hosted on one GitHub at It was formerly hosted on Giraf servers using GitLab, and before that using Gogs. Because of that, You may find outdated links to the pages or which are no longer active.