Old Giraf Apps on Google Play

Now the Giraf project has a working (but not finished) test version of our Apps on Google play. (Instruktioner på Dansk)

  1. You will need an Android tablet
  2. Download the following Apps from Google Play:
    1. Giraf (Main Launcher)
    2. Administrations Værktøj (Profile Manager)
    3. Sekvens (Sequence)
    4. Ugeplan (Week Schedule)
    5. Piktosearch (Picto Search)
    6. Pictooplæser (Picto Reader)
    7. Kategoriværktøjet (Category Manager)
    8. Kategorispillet (Category Game)
    9. Tidstager (Timer)
    10. Livshistorier (Life Story)
    11. Stemmespillet (Voice Game)
  3. The first time you open the Giraf App all pictos will be downloaded which will take 10 minutes.
  4. You will need a QR code (For the imaginary institution Maagen) to log-in. 



  • The QR-code will log-in to a test profile named Maagen. (If the log-in does not work: Delete the Giraf main app, install it again and retry the download).
  • You are only logged into a test account so you cannot destroy anything.
  • Click on the Gear-icon in the left side in order to add Apps to the individual profile.
  • The Giraf system is free and will remain free.
  • The system is not ready for use in a pedagogical context.
  • The Giraf system in open source and the source code can be downloaded here (git repository).

The Giraf system has been developed by students at Aalborg University as the bachelor project on the software engineering education from the spring of 2011. The system has been created in close cooperation with Børnehaven Birken (Kindergarten), Egebakken (School), Enterne (Home for disabled), The speech institute at Aalborg municipality og Center for Autism and ADHD at Aalborg Municipality. The system will be developed continuously and will hopefully be ready for use within the next years.

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